The electric bikes are incredibly popular today. However, not everybody is able to afford them. Inventors from Los Angeles who are currently working in the company UrbanX came up with an unusual idea to create a special wheel. It will be able to turn an usual bicycle into an electric bike.

Designed with the wishes of those who are tired of pedaling, it gives possibility to go by electric traction in one minute. The UrbanX wheel is convenient to mount and suitable for any bicycles. As well, it includes both the disc brakes and with « vibes » which will maintain comfort.


The special wheel for electric bikes is made of aviation aluminum. Consequently, it weighs no more than 7 kilos. As for the weight it is able to carry, it goes up to 140 kilos. The choice of the user is available in two models: with an electric motor at 240 and 350 W, capable of maximally accelerating the bike to 25 and, respectively, 30 kilometers per hour. The power reserve on one battery charge in both variants is 50 kilometers.


This wonderful invention is equipped with the most up-to-date technologies. The wheel is synchronized via Bluetooth with a smartphone. It is a very useful function as being switched to a special mobile application, it will inform the biker about the battery status and driving statistics. The traveler will get all the necessary information for the trip, particularly, he will be aware of the speed, travel time, and the distance.


If the option described sounds interesting for you, the next step is to find the bicycle. It could be bought or taken into rent. The residents of Paris will confirm that the capital of France proposes a huge variety of electric bikes and ordinary bicycles. So, as citizens of France say, réparation vélo  paris 19 mean if it time to go to the trip, why not to rent a bike?


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